You wake up in one of the rooms of our pension, look out the window and feel a flash in your veins like no other. The Danube Delta, with its green grass and bright waters, seems to catch your eye. You didn’t even wake up well, and behold, nature already invites you on an adventure!

And we have exactly what you need. Although we have been in the Delta for a very long time, we can honestly tell you that we are not tired of admiring the views every day. That is why we are happy to organize daily trips for our guests, exploring all the wonders and hidden corners of Heaven that the Danube Delta offers.

Together, we set off and explore all that is most beautiful in the delta area. We see together:

  • Mila 23 – Lipovan village hidden right in the heart of the Delta.
  • Letea Forest – a true paradise for nature lovers and one of the few remaining wildlife sanctuaries in Europe.
  • The localities of Sulina and Sfântul Gheorghe – which we can reach after only 2-3 hours of cruising on the Danube and through the Delta. Here, we will witness a truly unique spectacle in the world, namely the interweaving of the Danube and the Black Sea, a unique sight in Europe.
  • Caraorman Forest – Often overshadowed by the better known Letea, this “Black Forest” of the Delta is the home of the Kneeling Oak, an old tree that is at the heart of several local legends.

We took care not to miss any local attractions on our trips, for a complete experience.

We organize every trip to the Delta in conditions of maximum safety and comfort with our fast and state-of-the-art boats, with engines between 150 and 200 hp and a capacity of 12 people each.

Each trip is led by experienced local guides, who know the unique routes and beauties of the Danube Delta like a palm. Thus, they will be able to guide you efficiently and safely through all the picturesque corners of the Delta.